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Rapida 106 New Generation

High end in medium format

The Rapida 106 has been the undisputed makeready world champion in medium format since 2008. But not only that. With printing speeds of up to 20,000 sheets/h, it’s also the fastest in its format class. With uncompromising flexibility in terms of configurations, the Rapida 106 boasts the longest press installation in the world at 19 units. Wide ranging combinations of printing and finishing units, plus numerous productivity options means that every business in any segment can find their ideal press solution.

Technology for ultra-fast job changes and high speed printing

Unique automation solutions drive minimal job to job transition times. Features such as AutoRun bring together all of these make ready technologies to manage the whole printing process automatically, all at up to 20,000 sheets/h. Market leading colour and content measurement solutions ensure what you print and deliver to your customer is of the highest quality

Expensive downtime is minimised with our comprehensive range of digitised services reducing the need for on-site interventions. 

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    What makes Rapida 106 so unique:

    • 20.000 s/h
    • Sidelay-free infeed DriveTronic SIS
    • Simultaneous plate changing with DriveTronic SPC
    • Flying JobChange capability in seconds
    • AniloxLoader and DriveTronic SFC
    • Uncompromising productivity and running speed to maximise output
    • Fast job to job transition through parallel setup processes to maximise running time
    • Colour measurement of every sheet and adjustments every 10 sheets, plus the ability to measure dot gain (TVI) and gray balance, not just density
    • QualiTronic PDFCheck and QualiTronic PDF HighRes monitors the printed image against the master PDF, highlighting any deviations to ensure good sheets are onward processed
    • Digitalisation – Performance Reports and benchmarking
    • LiveApps for press control and company-wide stores management

    Uncompromising productivity and economic 

    With printing speeds up to 20,000 sheets/h (18,000 sheets / h in perfecting), the Rapida 106 is a highly productive sheetfed offset press in 3b medium format. And not only that. The range of substrates is just as diverse. It ranges from thin paper printing to thick cardboard, from film to corrugated cardboard. So much flexibility is second to none.

    It is also unique because of its almost unlimited variety of equipment with up to 19 printing and finishing units. Single and multiple varnishing, intermediate drying, numbering, perforating, cold foil finishing in different automation levels, printing units after varnishing - the possibilities are almost endless. Even when it comes to finishing: energy-saving ones VariDryBlue dryer, HR UV or pioneering LED UV-Technology have long been in use, right up to 4 over 4 production.

    Fast-reacting measurement and control technology ensures consistent print quality with little waste. Highlights are inline quality control with QualiTronic PrintCheck, inline PDF Control with QualiTronic PDFCheck/QualiTronic PDF HighRes and the ability to measure gray balance with QualiTronic Instrument Flight.

    Parallel setup processes

    You can significantly reduce costly downtimes with the Rapida 106. The DriveTronic single drive technology in its entirety is a unique selling point of Koenig & Bauer. From the shaftless DriveTronic feeder to the sidelay-free DriveTronic SIS system to the printing units, this drive technology offers additional functions in addition to short makeready times.

    With DriveTronic SPC change all printing plates in the machine simultaneously. Since the change takes place in parallel with other setup processes, it does not actually take any time. Flying JobChange is the highest level of automation with almost no machine downtime. It is recommended, for example, for small editions with frequently changing language versions. DriveTronic Plate Ident recognizes the printing plates directly in the machine and sets the register.

    DriveTronic SFC changes the coating plates parallel to other makeready processes. The AniloxLoader exchanges the anilox rollers from a magazine above the coating unit fully automatically. This process also takes place in parallel and is integrated into the job change program.

    Top technology throughout

    The Rapida 106 is the benchmark in medium format. Regardless of whether your company operates in commercial, packaging or a special segment - the Rapida 106 will inspire you.

    Gentle sheet travel with air assistance, automatically reversible perfecting with special sheet guidance for the freshly printed reverse side, preset capability - everything has been thought of. Inking units that can be disengaged reduce roller wear, the "clean printing" function allows residual ink to run off in a targeted manner and the ErgoTronic console with wallscreen leaves nothing to be desired by the operator.

    Working in parallel CleanTronic-Combination washing devices for blanket, impression cylinders and rollers provide additional time savings. CleanTronic Multi is ideal for changing colors. CleanTronic UV avoids waiting times before and after cylinder washing in the UV-Print.

    The production management system LogoTronic Professional integrates the Rapida 106 into the printer network.

    Standard Optional
    max. sheet format 740 x 1.060 mm 750 x 1.060 mm, 780 x 1.060 mm
    max. production speed 18.000 sheets/h 20.000 sheets/h
    Substrate thickness 0,04 - 0,7 mm 0,04 - 1,2 mm, 0,2 - 1,4 mm
    Printing units 2 - 10 10+
    Sidelay-free infeed DriveTronic SIS -
    Fully automatic plate change FAPC -
    Perfecting -
    Simultaneous plate change DriveTronic SPC -
    Simultaneous forme change DriveTronic SFC -
    Fully automatic anilox roller change AniloxLoader -
    CleanTronic washing systems -
    VariDry dryer systems -
    AirTronic delivery with dynamic sheet brake -
    Logistics solutions -
    ErgoTronic console with TouchTronic interface -
    Quality measurement and control systems -
    Remote maintenance module PressSupport 24 Sheetfed -
    Workflow solutions for printshop networking -
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