TrendsRapida LiveApp

The console becomes mobile

The Rapida LiveApp enables control and maintenance of the connected sheetfed offset presses via mobile Android devices. Press operation is simplified, because the console is no longer the exclusive point of control. The main menu of the app provides navigation to a production info panel, a maintenance manager and a consumables tracking function.

Mobile control and maintenance

The info panel presents details on the commencement and course of production, the current press status and the job which is presently being printed. This includes error and status message lists, the production speed, sheet counters, and details of both the job being printed and subsequent jobs in the queue, including the time remaining before production is completed. Energy consumption and CO2 emissions can also be monitored per job or per 1,000 sheets.

The maintenance manager displays a list of pending maintenance tasks. It draws attention to the press care required on the current day, as well as tasks which are scheduled for the coming days. With the batch data function, consumables such as paper and ink can be tracked either manually or by way of QR codes and assigned to the relevant job.

  • Simple and innovative form of authentication
  • Reliable management of consumables
  • Full and error-free maintenance
  • Constant overviews of the situation on the press
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