TrendsLED-UV drying

Differentiation through innovative drying

The LED-UV technology offers printing companies new possibilities for differentiation and opens the door to new marketing strategies. Uncoated papers, for example, can now be printed in brilliant quality. The sheets arriving in the delivery are already dry and can be passed on immediately for further processing.

LED-UV dryers operate with wavelengths between 365 and 395 nm, and the photoinitiators in the LED-UV inks are matched specifically to this narrow wavelength range. The required energy input is thus significantly reduced compared to a classic UV technology. There is furthermore no ozone formation, which means that a complex extraction system is unnecessary. And as only minimal heat is introduced into the substrate, the unpleasant odours which otherwise arise from the paper coating are reduced practically to zero.

The LED-UV dryer modules can be used both for final drying and as interdeck dryers. Modules are exchanged on a plug-and-play basis between the prepared installation points on the Rapida press. Warm-up phases and stand-by operation are no longer relevant. The possibility to adapt the dryers to the current sheet format means that drying can be limited to the actual format area. A lightweight design and long service life characterise the dryer systems. They operate without mercury and are maintenance-free.

Application-oriented configuration

LED-UV drying is available for Rapida presses from half- to large format. Koenig & Bauer Sheetfed has already realised the most varied press configurations with LED-UV: Perfector presses for 4-over-4 production, presses with coating before and after the perfecting unit, and straight presses with and without inline finishing units.



  • Dramatic energy savings compared to other drying technologies
  • Reduced waste
  • Higher production speeds in perfecting mode
  • Faster job turnaround as the sheets can passed on immediately for further processing
  • Less need for powder and protective coatings
  • Less time to be spent on the cleaning of post-press systems
  • Reduced reject and complaint rates
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