TrendsErgoTronic AutoRun

Autonomous printing for more productivity

ErgoTronic AutoRun offers new opportunities for process automation and paves the way to industrial print production. A job change starts fully automatically as soon as the production of the previous print job is completed – and then production is resumed automatically once the necessary makeready steps are completed. This cycle is repeated over and over until either the operator cancels the auto-run function or else all the jobs on the prepared job list have been printed. Start of makeready, job changeover, start of production, colour and register control – all the individual steps are fully integrated and everything is triggered automatically at the appropriate moment. Press crews simply monitor the process sequence and are thus relieved of further routine tasks.

Use in commercial and packaging printing

The principal field of application for ErgoTronic AutoRun is autonomous printing for the commercial sector – for example short-run jobs or multiple sections for products with high page counts. Language variants are a further possibility. Autonomous printing also benefits online printers with their highly standardised and automated processes. And in packaging, too, it can be useful to be able to start makeready automatically when the predefined run length is reached, or to return to production without further intervention upon completion of a complex job change.

  • Standard for industrial print production
  • Significant productivity increase in commercial and packaging printing
  • Decentralised process monitoring via mobile devices
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