• Unprecedented Situations Demand Outstanding Services!

Koenig & Bauer Sheetfed Three Step Action Plan

With the current coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, we face a truly unprecedented crisis. Our most immediate concern is for the health of our customers, our employees, and all their families. Our hearts and thoughts are with everyone impacted by the virus.

Our goal is to provide you with the best support possible in these challenging times. We know that press uptime now is more important than ever. Our customers are crucial cornerstones in our world's economy. We understand that now is a time to stand together, so we can jointly survive this crisis and emerge strengthened. To ensure that we help you keep your presses running effectively, we have developed a 3-step action plan to ensure maximum productivity for your print shop:

1. Starting immediately, we will extend hotline services in additional service support departments to 24/7 and offer it to all customers. Additionally, we will empower our support via our augmented reality support technology “Visual PressSupport”.

  • Now available 24/7:
    • Electrical experts
    • Quality Control experts
  • Newly available via Visual PressSupport within business hours:
    • Print process and application experts
    • Mechanical experts
  • For you this means around the clock availability of the following services
    • Remote maintenance
    • PressCall
    • Visual PressSupport
  • Customers without a Remote Maintenance Contract (PressSupport24 Sheetfed) will be charged for those services on a pay per use basis 
    • Every first call for these companies will be free of charge.
    • Money spent on pay per use basis will be discounted towards the price of a new Remote Maintenance Contract (PressSupport24 Sheetfed).
  • Customers with a remote maintenance contract are being prioritized in case of high demand.

2. We will open access to our customer community portal “Koenig & Bauer Customer Community” free of charge to every customer, so you can collaborate even more efficiently with our service organization - easily even from the palm of your hand.

  • List of features:
    • View Press Performance Reports
    • Report service cases directly into our service management system
    • View status of your cases
    • Collaborate with Koenig & Bauer service engineers 
  • Access to your Customer Community via customer.koenig-bauer.com, sign-up to community via the sign-up-form within the right frame at customer.koenig-bauer.com

3.  We want to ensure that you can produce with no unplanned downtimes. Please call our service organization, who will work closely with you to design spare parts bundles - specially tailored to your machines - all at an attractive price. These packages will help you reduce your risk of waiting for spare parts because of disrupted supply chains. We will focus all our efforts on ensuring that our supply chains function smoothly. Right now it is crucial to be well prepared for different scenarios.

Although our and our vendors' supply chains are still working efficiently, external factors related to the COVID-19 crisis may affect future availability.

Discounts apply only to the parts’ price, excluding freight, packaging, taxes, customs duties or other charges. Discounts do not apply in addition to discount campaigns already in progress. Discounts do not apply in addition to existing special agreements for spare parts, wear parts and consumables.

Hotline - PressSupport 24+49 - (0)351 833 2686
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