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Inspection and cleaning of the gripper systems on your Koenig & Bauer press

The grippers of the impression cylinders and transfer drums are among the most precisely adjusted systems on the whole press, but are at the same time required to function under some of the toughest conditions. Contamination from inks, coatings, solvents, gum, paper dust, powder, etc. affects the correct positioning of the sheet in the grippers and may thus impact print quality decisively. In extreme cases, the contamination could even prevent proper lubrication. The result is then serious damage to the gripper shafts, bearings, followers and gripper opening cams.

Cleaning of the gripper systems to ensure a reliable hold on the sheet

With our mobile cleaning system Ultra Power Clean, we free the grippers of your Koenig & Bauer sheetfed offset press from stubborn dirt and other contamination. After careful cleaning by our experienced service technician, your press is once more able to grip precisely and with full power. In this way, you can rest assured of absolutely accurate sheet transfer.   

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  • Protection against damage and loss of function caused by heavy contamination
  • Accurate sheet transfer and optimum press running
  • Fast, uncomplicated cleaning by specialist technicians
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