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Constant accuracy for quality measurement and control systems

You promise your customers excellent print quality at competitive prices. And that with unbeatably short delivery times. To ensure the convincing quality of every single job, and at the same time to maximise the efficiency of production, you are already using quality measurement and control systems. In this context, you must be able to rely on the constant measuring accuracy of these systems.

Faultless & precise – Quality begins with accurate measurement

Within the framework of a Measuring System Check, we evaluate the functioning and accuracy of your Koenig & Bauer quality measurement and control systems. This includes a thorough hardware check, necessary adjustments to the system settings, and any relevant software updates. During the course of the work, we determine and rectify any changes in the colour measurement values or deviations from the defined tolerances and standards.

It is recommended that you plan a Measuring System Check at least once a year. We would be pleased to offer you personal advice on the different forms of inspection and the relevant prices.

  • Issuing of an ISO-compliant test and manufacturer's certificate
  • Safeguards production at the highest quality level
  • Firmware updates included
Different forms of Measuring System Check

Time- and cost-saving inspection by your own personnel

One uncomplicated, time-saving option is to use your own personnel to check the quality measurement and control systems. We provide the necessary measuring chart and a USB memory stick with the corresponding software. The program is installed by plug-and-play, and your personnel can start the checking of the measuring heads in next to no time.

Checking of the measuring heads at the factory

The Measuring System Check is performed safely and reliably at the Koenig & Bauer Sheetfed factory. In the meantime, you can monitor print quality with measuring heads provided on loan. That ensures that you can continue to work as usual, without any risk of quality compromises.

Comprehensive system check performed on site by Koenig & Bauer

We would be pleased to send an experienced measuring system specialist to perform thorough checking of your quality measurement and control system on site.

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