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Reliable assessment of the condition of your Rapida

Our presses comprise an immense diversity of technical and electronic systems and components, all of which must interact perfectly to ensure maximum performance for your daily production. With a Press Check inspection, Service Select can help to ensure that your Rapida remains in absolute top condition.

Preventive checks, advice and maintenance

No-one knows your Rapida better than our qualified service technicians. They possess the necessary knowledge to perform function and safety tests on all relevant systems and components of your sheetfed offset presses. Subsequently, we inform you on the current condition of your press and discuss possible potential for improvement. The resulting maintenance measures, e.g. the rectification of minor technical defects and the replacement of wearing parts, are part of the inspection programme.

In addition, we instruct your internal personnel regarding future maintenance work. The targeted training of your employees, after all, serves to maximise the long-term availability of your Rapida press.

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  • Confidence in the top condition of the press
  • Identification of potential for optimisation
  • Training of company personnel for future maintenance tasks

Benefit from a machine inspectionUltimate availability for your Rapida press

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