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What is Performance Analytics & why do I need it?

Performance Analytics gets right to the heart of your print company’s KPIs.

Configure your own dashboards with Performance Analytics, and unlock the full potential of your production data in an instant. Your findings can be shared immediately with colleagues or superiors, and a click of the mouse suffices to illuminate even complex correlations.

Performance Analytics lets you make data-driven decisions.

A few clicks is all it takes to gain valuable insights into where opportunities can be found within your production process. Performance Analytics helps you to answer specific questions more efficiently and effectively, so that the right decisions can be made without delay.

Performance Analytics improves the agility of your entire print company.

Performance Analytics is a full cloud-based analysis software package – available to every expert on your team and ready to use immediately. Stay up to date and benefit from the constant stream of product innovations for analysis applications.

Why choose Performance Analytics?

Top benefits of Performance Analytics

  • Enhanced efficiency in print production through the identification of untapped potential using informative, out-of-the-box dashboards
  • Data-driven decision-making for greater investment certainty
  • Minimal time needed and greater flexibility to create individual dashboards for production data evaluation
  • Systematic data analysis for process standardisation and automation as the basis for Print 4.0

Are you interested in more details about Performance Analytics?Key product features

  • User-friendly, self-service analyses of production and machine data by means of integrated key performance indicators (KPIs), bar charts and line graphs – with no need for special IT knowledge
  • Dynamic KPI tiles can be combined to produce a dashboard that caters to your individual requirements
  • Extensive, interactive filter functions permit fast data analysis from different user perspectives as the basis for holistic decision-making
  • Trend analyses visualise how production has performed over a given period of time or across different machines in clearly structured bar charts and line graphs
  • Colour highlighting enables deviations from the target KPIs to be spotted at a glance
  • Systematic time-based and job-specific analyses deliver an immediate overview of developments in the company
  • Current indicators such as production speed, sheet counts, waste rate and capacity utilisation at your fingertips
  • OEE figures permit a specific analysis of all system losses and allow effective countermeasures to be determined
  • Shift analyses allow assessments of operating quality as a means to identify and promote employee potential and thereby raise overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Machine utilisation as an important parameter for new investments to avoid expensive excess capacity
  • Consumables analyses help you to determine the optimum products for maximum machine performance and permit precise consumption forecasts in order to reduce purchasing and storage costs
  • Independent analyses of error correlations and the causes of downtimes on the basis of machine and operator messages enable you to avoid unnecessary production stoppages
  • Detailed analyses of the reasons for downtime help you to minimise brief stoppages, in particular, and derive appropriate measures to increase machine effectiveness
  • Indicators such as errors per 10,000 sheets, or errors per 10 jobs, paint a clear picture of the frequency of individual errors, irrespective of run lengths or job numbers
  • Internal or external comparison of your machine performance with anonymised data from other companies helps you to analyse and evaluate your current performance capabilities
  • Comparisons between different production shifts, different customer jobs and different consumables enable you to identify the reasons for any shortfalls in your performance and therefore achieve sustained improvements in your competitiveness
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