Referenzen & AnwendungenWeb-to-print and target communications „made easy“ with digital printing


Web-to-print and target communications „made easy“ with digital printing 


Highly individualized prints in conjunction with intelligent web-based concepts – that’s what future target communications is all about. Combine high acceptance levels from your end customers with web content via augmented reality and personalized landing pages. Improve your response rates – and above all – your customers’ purchase decisions. Printing on coated offset substrates Reliable modular XLO workflow … these are just two further factors offered by the RotaJET  L Series that will play a key role in your success. The RotaJET’s supreme print quality guarantees a high level of consumer acceptance. The modular design of the XLO workflow – just like the modular design of the RotaJET L itself – can always be upgraded to meet new challenges.


The RotaJET L Series meets the requirements for the growing variability and individualization of your printed products. Answer the needs of your customers more precisely  - instead of just adding their addresses. Unite web and print in joint campaigns. Integrate loyalty systems, for example, to map the interests of your customers. Improve your response rates and increase the purchase decisions of your customers. .

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