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Rapida 75 PRO for a broad spectrum of substrates


Lacher Druck used to print on a 12-year-old half-format press with four inking units. To preserve their ability to offer B2B customers print products of the highest quality and at the same time to facilitate further business development, it was urgently necessary to invest in new printing technology. Ongoing market changes, such as ever shorter run lengths, also left no alternative to the purchase of a new sheetfed offset press.


The management at Lacher Druck chose the Rapida 75 PRO in a five-colour version. The compact design of the press was a key factor, as space is limited in the company's printshop. There were hardly any changes to be made to the foundations compared to the previous four-colour press. The Rapida 75 PRO incorporates various accessory packages which reflect the wide range of substrates handled by the company. Important features include the facility to disengage inking units which are not in use, CleanTronic Synchro washing systems, an ErgoTronic console with ColorDrive and LogoTronic CIPLinkX.


Print quality has improved significantly with the new press. The dot is clearer and more stable. Inking unit temperature control provides for constant process conditions and a high degree of stability over the length of a run. Makeready times are considerably shorter and washing results are flawless. Thanks to its CIP3 interface, the Rapida 75 PRO comes into colour much faster. As a result, smaller jobs can also be handled much more efficiently. The printers really enjoy working with modern automated technology.

Lacher Druck

Lacher Druck was founded in Memmingen in 1963 and produces a diversity of commercial and packaging jobs, mainly for the regional B2B market. Alongside, the portfolio includes various own products and a number of specialities, such as sheet music.

The Rapida 75 PRO was for us the ideal press at the ideal time.
Walter Demartin, Managing Director
Lacher Druck
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