Rotary screen printingRapida RSP 106

Rotary screen printing in sheetfed offset quality

The Rapida RSP 106 transforms your print product into a multisensory experience: Exceptional coating thicknesses, unusual coating effects, special pigments, fluorescent inks – with screen printing, the diversity of finishing options is practically endless. One important reason is an attainable ink or coating thickness which is ten times that of the sheetfed offset process – up to 250 µm.

Rapida platform as the basis

The Rapida RSP 106 is based on the platform concept of the Rapida offset presses for medium format and thus shares the high technical level which characterises all presses from KBA. The operating concept, too, is immediately familiar. That simplifies internal processes and further enhances the efficiency of production.

Outstanding features of the Rapida RSP 106:

  • Exceptional productivity with outputs up to 8,000 sheets/h
  • Multitude of finishing possibilities
  • High level of automation
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  • Economical production also for longer runs
  • High level of automation
  • Very good spreading of the coating and thus high gloss

High diversity of applications

Thanks to its advanced level of automation and incomparable performance capabilities, the Rapida RSP 106 is an interesting choice for the most diverse applications and market segments.

Offset printers who have to date used exclusively an inline process for finishing benefit from the boundless possibilities of the screen printing process. Screen printing is especially suitable for high-quality finishes on advertising products, as well as for signs, posters and packaging. The high production speeds, furthermore, mean that screen printing becomes an interesting option for run lengths which were simply out of the question in the past.

Screen printers benefit above all from the high production speeds of the Rapida RSP 106. With outputs up to 8,000 sheets per hour, it is significantly more productive than a conventional screen printing press. Delivery times are shortened, and longer runs are more economical than ever before.

The Rapida RSP 106 also sets you up for a broad spectrum of untypical applications, for example in industrial printing. Screen printing offers interesting perspectives in printed electronics, home decor products and many other previously unimagined fields.

High level of automation

Automation comparable to a sheetfed offset press – that aptly characterises the Rapida RSP 106. The DriveTronic feeder, sidelay-free infeed, VariDry dryer systems, AirTronic delivery and ErgoTronic console technology are highlights already well appreciated by Rapida users. They are here supplemented with a calender unit, which depowders and smooths the sheets, and prevents contamination of the impression zone for optimum finishing results.

The screen printing unit itself is also automated to the last detail. For example with stepless, motorised setting of the blade pressure, motorised blade angle adjustment and remote setting of the cylinder pressure. An operator panel at the screen printing unit and full console integration add to the convenience of handling. Screen changing is a fast and simple process.

High gloss

The technical design of the Rapida RSP 106 is geared to perfect finishing results. Relief structures and haptic effects are realised with ease. Special pigments lend print products an eye-catching appearance. And the excellent spreading of coatings is the key to high gloss.

One significant factor is the triple-length extended delivery, with its 3.8-metre drying section and thus ample installation space for the proven, high-performance VariDry IR/UV dryers. Further important features are the closed-loop dryer output control and lamp replacement without the need for tools.

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