Commercial PrintingC32 - C80 – High volume web offset with long-grain pages

The C32 to C80 double-circumference presses are high volume long grain systems for the industrial illustration printing of 32 to 80 A4 pages. With their innovative technology and ease of operation, they are designed to meet your high demands in terms of print quality, copy costs, speed of delivery and format flexibility. Well thought-out automation increases your net production performance and reduces operating and maintenance costs. A wide variety of equipment options allows customer-specific press configurations. Besides the P5 pin folder with automatic changeover, the systems can also be fitted with the unique, format-variable V5 gripper folder for long and short-grain pages. The latest control technology and control console technology as well as the LogoTronic production management system guarantee an efficient dialogue between man and machine.

Brochure C32-C80
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  • High-performance rotary presses for industrial illustration printing
  • Printing units in a class of their own, with operator-friendly ergonomics
  • Process integration with Logotronic professional

Cut your set-up times and downtimes in the C 32 – C 80 with the fully automatic plate change. This has proved its worth thanks to a high degree of reliability and low maintenance costs. The RollerTronic automatic roller lock is an innovative contribution towards ease of operation, reduction of maintenance and consistency of quality.

The flexible superstructure allows you to enjoy competitive advantages through its flexibility, e.g. cutting ribbons of different widths from one web. The turner bars are supported in cantilever fashion on one side, thus allowing unimpeded access and fast paper infeed. The innovative belt tensioning system of the modular P5 and V5 folders leads to exact folding results. Maximum productivity is achieved with the cutter technology.

Use the efficient paper logistics of Koenig & Bauer. The Patras reel loading system in conjunction with the automatic Pastomat reel stands guarantee you a smooth production process.

The operator-oriented ErgoTronic control console, the EasyTronic automatic press presetting system and the LogoTronic production management system are components in an integrated automation concept. With intelligent control technology at aggregate level and easy-to-understand operating masks, you will soon have the control console of the commercial web press under control in all phases of production. LogoTronic allows integrated networking solutions.

Standard Optional
max. production speed 100,000 cph -
Cylinder revolutions 50,000 rph -
Cylinder circumference 1,156 - 1,240 mm -
Web width 1,000 - 2,280 mm -
Automatic roller bearings RollerTronic -
CleanTronic washing systems -
EasyTronic -
Quality measurement and control systems -
Variable-format folder V5 -
Semi automatic plate change -
Fully Automatic Plate Change -
Patras A -
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