11. Apr - 13. Apr 2022

Optical Document Security

Optical Document Security focuses on technical and scientific developments in optical security for documents and products of value.

The conference offers a platform to researchers, developers, manufacturers and users of security to present their findings, new work and new techniques on a technical and scientific level.

Some of the most significant developments in banknote and identity document security and production technology in recent years have been first described in public at the OSCDT conference and, subsequently, Optical Document Security.

Key to the quality of the programme is the role of the Conference Committee, in which a number of industry experts and scientists participate, providing unmatched experience and knowledge in identifying and vetting the technologies that will make the most impact in years to come.

Participants in Optical Document Security are vetted in advance so that only those with a legitimate interest in the topic will be registered. And only registered badge holders are allowed into the conference rooms, ensuring a level of security that the confidential nature of the topics being presented and discussed require.

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