Built for Your Needs. The KBA B2 Presses.Third season of B2 events by KBA-Sheetfed starts

  • Four new event days
  • Information about the Rapida 75 PRO and Rapida 76 in a relaxed atmosphere
  • More events planned in 2018

Visual for the current B2 campaign "Built for your needs. The KBA B2 Presses.“ (1)

The third season of the series of events " Built for Your Needs. The KBA B2 Presses " will be taking place from 14 to 19 September. On four days, half-format printers and prospective customers will be able to obtain useful information on the B2 presses Rapida 75 PRO and Rapida 76. Up to now, far more than 100 users from 14 countries have found out more about the two presses in a relaxed atmosphere, and have discovered the solutions they can produce even more successfully with in future. They were all enthusiastic about the workshop concept of the series of events, with a maximum of 15 participants per day and plenty of time for informal exchanges of ideas.  

The most important highlights of the two B2 presses by Koenig & Bauer can be summarised as follows:  

Rapida 75 PRO – the all-rounder

  • Innovative sheet guide for maximum substrate flexibility
  • Inking units can be disengaged for reduced setup costs
  • High level of automation for fast job changes
  • Compact press design for low space costs
  • ErgoTronic control console for ergonomic operation of the press functions

In a relaxed atmosphere, a maximum of 15 interested parties can put the B2 presses Rapida 75 PRO and Rapida 76 through their paces (2)


Rapida 76 – the flagship

  • DriveTronic feeder for very short setup times
  • DriveTronic SIS for high performance and reliable sheet feeding
  • Fully automatic plate changing (FAPC) for easy operation and parallel processes
  • AirTronic delivery for maximum performance in all print services
  • ErgoTronic control console for top automation comfort

If you are interested, you can still register at short notice for one of the coming events, at sheetfed-marketing(at)kba.com. We plan to continue the campaign in January 2018. Those who are interested can also reserve a place for this event.


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