Entering a new dimension of the digital world

We are proud to announce that Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions has entered a partnership with Veracity Protocol.

Veracity Protocol (VP) is a deep-tech company building the new protocol of Trust for physical objects, enabling anybody to track the identity, authenticity and quality of physical objects. The standard used enables physical products to be linked to their digital identity by scanning their digital fingerprint by using computer vision and neural networks. It protects companies, people and their assets in the digital world, in a non-invasive, sustainable and cost-effective way.

Every product, printed or otherwise, has specific surface-level characteristics. This is comparable to a human fingerprint, face biometrics or an iris scan. Now imagine, you would have a method to note these attributes, and consistently re-identify them. The reality is, that today we can use images of products taken with industrial or generic smartphone cameras to build descriptive models. This is what we call ‘fingerprint extraction’. This provides a special kind of security, because it is based on the product’s unique microstructure (here: Physical CodeTM) - unmodifiable and absolutely steadfast. Remarkably, this opens a myriad of possibilities: from an unforgeable brand protection approach, innovative customer-product interaction solutions, non-invasive supply chain and item tracking practices, enablement of the Digital Product Passport vision and new forensic authentication standards to name a few.

Next to Veracity Protocol’s innovative technology and expertise, Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions is acting as an industrialisation partner. As an organisation with an engineering-driven mindset and knowledge pool in the field of banknotes, we readily respond to today’s complex realities of production and supply chain management. With a hands-on mentality, we analyse existing workflows, uphold quality control and install equipment on-line for banknote production. As such, we are a full solution provider, ready to augment existing production lines to enable fingerprint extraction. Joining forces means combining Veracity Protocol’s advanced technology with decades of expertise of printed products on virtually any substrate. The aim of this partnership is to jointly develop tailor-made solutions for 2D-printed, coded and coated products and to deliver the vision that every product can be “secured at print”, without changing anything to the product design nor disrupting your production process. 

We are honored to collaborate and combine forces with Koenig & Bauer, the world leader and most trusted provider of  high-tech presses and systems globally, delivering together the vision that every printed item can become the custodian of its own identity, meeting both sustainability, security and transparency imperatives” said Dominique El Bez, Veracity Protocol’s Chief Commercial Officer.

Julian Schubert, Director Data, Vision and Authentication Solutions adds: 
We at Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions decided to further intensify our efforts in the field of digital authentication offerings. After our success with ValiCash® - a solution for the authentication of banknotes - we believe we have found a partner in Veracity Protocol with whom we will rapidly provide solutions to authenticate all kinds of printed products without adding specific elements. Together we believe we can create a new standard for "secured at print". The best part is that we are directly supporting our customers and their customers, as the existing design of a product does not need to be changed. This is simple and particularly the most sustainable solution.

Our efforts are tied to four core values:
Given that we use what is already there in order to create the Physical CodeTM, our solution is fundamentally sustainable. Compare this to embedded tags, or taggant substances expended for tracking purposes. Where nothing is added, no ecological harm can be done. We are building a future in which a product-first approach guides us in managing intelligent data systems, without unnecessary additives. 

Leading from the fact that virtually any camera can be used to scan a product with a digitised fingerprint, we unlock an arena of new value streams for our clients. Whether for track and trace purposes, or to directly trigger long-term customer engagement - our solution can be employed at any level of your product ecosystem. We are committed to providing a truly ubiquitous solution that anticipates the constants and variables of your product’s life cycle. 

It is our belief that by enhancing our existing products with digital solutions and in creating a digital counterpart of your physical product, we are building the foundation for future platforms and services. By generating a digitised Security Feature, your business is put in the driver’s seat of digitalisation in the most efficient way possible. Yet, it is precisely the fact that we draw from the characteristics of the physical product that renders this link truly unbreakable: the fingerprint of your product remains the same throughout time. 

Koenig & Bauer as a long-standing expert in banknote security, with our Banknote Solutions business unit, we have built a reputation on knowing what it takes to secure physical entities. With initiatives such as ValiCash® (smartphone authentication for banknotes), we have recently demonstrated our eagerness to boost trust by utilising novel technologies and tools. We remain intent in working together with our clients to sustain appropriate security, and protect your products from any fraudulent and criminal attacks. 
This endeavor is part of the Koenig & Bauer Group strategy ‘Exceeding Print’, and expedits our trajectory into an agile technology group. With this partnership, we await many opportunities, knowing that we are part of a new era of digital solutions. It is with much enthusiasm that we are looking forward to working on a wide array of use-cases and are pledged to customer-led innovation. Let’s get in touch to discuss how fingerprint extraction can best support your business.

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