Spanish user invests in single-pass digital print from Koenig & BauerNew company built around the RotaJET 225

•         Further RotaJET for a Spanish company
•         Investment in the future
•         Individualisation of decors
•         Newly founded company places trust in Koenig & Bauer

The newly founded Spanish company Mimmetic was set up to implement a business plan built around use of a new RotaJET 225 press for decor printing. Mimmetic is a subsidiary of the Losán Group, one of the largest manufacturers of wood-based products in Spain. “With our new RotaJET from Koenig & Bauer, we are preparing to enter the market for decor printing. We believe in Digital Printing and we think that in the decor market, a new reality is possible. Given the specific market demands which apply in this segment, for example fast time-to-market production, individualized decors and short runs, we are certain that this press will secure the success of our business,” says Jonathan Caballero, Senior Manager at Mimmetic. The new press is scheduled to commence production in Curtis in the A Coruña province of Northwest Spain in the coming spring. A new hall is currently being erected to accommodate the RotaJET. Christoph Müller, member of the management board of Koenig & Bauer: “We are convinced that digital print will continue to grow in the areas of decor and packaging. And with our RotaJET presses, we can offer every customer a specific solution to match individual requirements.”

3D schematic of a RotaJET 225 for digital decor printing

New company is an investment in the future

It is more than 50 years ago that the brothers Manuel, Luis and Emilio López Sánchez first set up a small carpentry business. In the meantime, Losán is one of the branch leaders in the manufacturing of wood-based products with over 1,500 employees and a presence on three continents. “We have been pursuing a course of growth and expansion for many years, and are constantly exploring the opportunities in new markets. The founding of Mimmetic is thus a logical next step for us. We are attracted to the challenges and we are really proud to be the first company in the world based purely in digital printing” says Luis López Rico, member of the executive board of the Losán Group. The newly founded company Mimmetic will also operate from the group location in Curtis. 


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