Best practice example for more sustainability and profitabilityMore Sustainability: Koenig & Bauer Presents Green Dot Award 2024 Live at drupa

  • Koenig & Bauer presents the Green Dot Award to honour industry managers for their particular contribution to sustainability
  • Sustainability is a lever to reduce costs in print production and to enhance the brand image
  • Richard Lim, COO of the Hung Hing Printing Group, is delighted to receive both the award and the accompanying prize money totalling 20,000 euros, of which 10,000 euros will be donated to a sustainability project of his choice

The recipients of Koenig & Bauer’s Green Dot Award 2024 were welcomed at drupa by Dr Andreas Pleßke, CEO Koenig & Bauer (front): Richard Lim, COO Hung Hing Printing Group (centre), José Luis Bezaury, CEO Litoplas Packaging (left) and David Hsieh, President Max Fame Group (right)

At a festive event at drupa on 31 May 2024, Koenig & Bauer presented a new round the company’s own Green Dot Award. This year’s winner is Richard Lim, COO of the Hung Hing Printing Group (Hong Kong). José Luis Bezaury, CEO of Litoplas Packaging (Mexico City), and David Hsieh, President of the Max Fame Group (Dongguan City, China), can be equally proud of their top-three placings.

Dr Andreas Pleßke, CEO of Koenig & Bauer, describes the many best practice examples submitted for consideration as proof that “there is no conflict of interest between sustainability and profitability in the print industry. The topic of sustainability continues to gain significance among our worldwide customers. And with the Green Dot Award, our intention is to keep promoting this development.”

Setting a good example for more sustainability

Koenig & Bauer supports the sustainability activities of its customers with a wide range of eco-components and with energy and resource-efficient technical solutions. Koenig & Bauer created the Green Dot Award to honour industry managers who have made innovative contributions to sustainable printing through their outstanding ideas and exemplary commitment. Green Dot Award winners receive a prize of 10,000 euros, and an additional 10,000 euros as a donation to a sustainability project of their choice.

Multi-stage selection process for the Green Dot Award

Koenig & Bauer’s global sales and service experts were asked to submit proposals with examples of best practices from innovative sustainability projects established by visionary managers from across the industry. The submitted proposals were then evaluated according to the criteria ‘level of innovation’, ‘level of sustainability’ and ‘multiplier impact’. The final placings within a top 3 ranking were decided by way of an anonymous online vote among Koenig & Bauer’s worldwide managers.

Richard Lim, COO of the Hung Hing Printing Group (Hong Kong)

Within the framework of its ‘decarbonisation journey’, the Hung Hing Printing Group – one of the leading suppliers of print solutions in Asia – is committed to electrification and production of its own electricity from PV installations. Sustainable materials and processes, efficient waste management and reduced emissions represent other key priorities. The carbon footprint of the print product is an integral component of all quotes given to customers. And all employees are encouraged to observe environmentally aware practices as an expression of social commitment.

José Luis Bezaury, CEO of Litoplas Packaging (Mexico City)

The fully certified Mexican packaging and label printing specialist Litoplas is a participant in the UN Global Compact initiative and views sustainability as a key element of its quality excellence philosophy. Increased profitability and an enhanced brand image are further benefits. Alongside resource efficiency based on the use of eco-friendly materials and processes, particular importance is attached to reducing paper waste and emissions, for example by raising employee awareness.

David Hsieh, President of the Max Fame Group (Dongguan City, China)

The Max Fame Group operates printing plants in China, Vietnam and Thailand, as well as a logistics and test centre in Great Britain, and specialises in the high-quality production of sustainable packaging. It makes active contributions to environment and climate protection with PV arrays for in-house power generation, energy-efficient machinery, climate-friendly transport solutions, intelligent digitalisation and sustainable materials and processes. The carbon footprint is determined for all printed packaging.


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