World & Diversity

We bring together.

Inks & substrates, substrates & technologies, technologies & people. This lends fascination to everyday situations, and a grey world suddenly becomes colourful and diverse. At Koenig & Bauer, this is happening every day, as it has done for over 200 years. People in practically every corner of the world know and hold our printed products in their hands. The banknote in their wallet, the parcel which arrives on their birthday, the perfume bottle on the dressing table, the tea caddy from Japan, their newspaper, the coffee cup for a drink on the go, …

The opportunities for print extend into every aspect of daily life. Our presses print the broadest range of substrates which is currently conceivable. And new options are being added continually. What will we be printing tomorrow? Who knows? But one thing is sure: Print makes our world what it is. The world of the people out there, and that of the printer at the press. The world of our employees, and that of the investors in our ideas. And the world of the pioneers who have been writing the chronicles of print over the centuries and will continue to shape its history in the future. It is a world which is constantly being created anew. Fascinating. Lively. Diverse.

We print this world.

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