• World & Diversity

We bring together. Inks & substrates, substrates & technologies, technologies & people. This lends fascination to everyday situations, and a grey world suddenly becomes colourful and diverse. At Koenig & Bauer, this is happening every day, as it has done for over 200 years. People in practically every corner of the world know and hold our printed products in their hands. The banknote in their wallet, the parcel which arrives on their birthday, the perfume bottle on the dressing table, the tea caddy from Japan, their newspaper, the coffee cup for a drink on the go, …

The opportunities for print extend into every aspect of daily life. Our presses print the broadest range of substrates which is currently conceivable. And new options are being added continually. What will we be printing tomorrow? Who knows? But one thing is sure: Print makes our world what it is. The world of the people out there, and that of the printer at the press. The world of our employees, and that of the investors in our ideas. And the world of the pioneers who have been writing the chronicles of print over the centuries and will continue to shape its history in the future. It is a world which is constantly being created anew. Fascinating. Lively. Diverse.

  • Corrugated

Delivering high quality.

The increasing worldwide demand for corrugated board packaging is a sign of the times in which we live. A package no longer serves simply to protect the goods inside. It is a brand ambassador and a point of contact for customers. The unboxing experience has now become a vital ingredient of the whole shopping experience. As observers of the trend towards digital commerce, we provide innovative machine solutions to serve the growing market for corrugated board. With our “Corru family” we create the basis for high-quality corrugated board packaging.

  • Packaging

Producing the most diverse range of packaging.

Nowhere is the world of print as diverse as in the packaging industry. Folding cartons, glass and hollow containers, tubes or flexible packaging materials – Koenig & Bauer has a suitable machine solution for virtually any application. Tailor-made and attractive packaging is the recipe for success when it comes to effective brand communication. Koenig & Bauer uses innovative methods of printing and finishing to ensure that messages are clearly understood.

  • Sheetfed

Turning ingredients into an experience.

From half-format through to superlarge format, our presses stand for the highest speeds and shortest make-ready times in sheetfed printing. From business cards through to posters: With presses in the Rapida series, printers in the commercial and packaging sector can benefit not only from excellent print performance and precise results, but also from high quality standards and modern automation solutions.

  • Coding

To give people confidence.

Coding technologies are part of our everyday lives – and are encountered everywhere we go. They serve as a mark of quality with regard to classifications, storage life or safety. With their future-oriented features, coding systems from Koenig & Bauer are guarantees for market orientation and confidence. By developing innovative products, from the initial idea through to series maturity, we support our customers in meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

  • MetalPrint

Keeping our food fresh and safe.

As the global market for packaging continues to grow, it demands a range of very different solutions for the safe, high-quality packaging of products. As a system supplier for metal decorating systems, we offer perfect solutions for premium printed metal packaging. With complete printing and coating lines tailored to the individual needs of our customers, we are also ensuring that one thing will remain true for years to come: We are the market and technology leader in metal decorating.

  • Kammann

Making unique products even more distinctive.

High-quality packaging demands sophisticated substrates. A range of machines for processing decoration on glass, plastic and metal provides the basis for Koenig & Bauer to offer a unique brand experience. Fully automatic machine platforms allow flexible configuration for every application. And this enables you to apply high-precision, customer-specific decoration to all your hollow containers – whether in a screen printing, hot stamping, digital printing or labelling process.

  • Flexotecnica

For tailored flexibility.

Flexible packaging is a trend product – space-saving, individual and user-friendly. The ever louder calls for product diversity and small packing units mean that Koenig & Bauer is serving a dynamic growth market. Our flexo presses satisfy the highest demands in printing and finishing processes for films, board and paper. In individual configurations and with different web widths, the presses set the standard not only in terms of productivity, but also with regard to energy efficiency and environmental protection.

  • Banknote Solutions

Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions, part of the Special business unit, has been a global provider of high security printing, especially for banknote solutions. Founded as Organisation Giori in 1952, Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions has been part of the Koenig & Bauer group since 2001.

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